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A fighter jet is no good without a good pilot. That’s a similar relationship that our analysts have with our platform.

Our in-house developed methodologies and proprietary software are analyst driven and were designed by those who have protected the national interests of the United Kingdom in roles within the government, law enforcement, fraud prevention, cyber security, and the military.

When we combine these experiences with those from the commercial, financial, legal and the IT realm we find ourselves able to expand our reach beyond others in addition to providing the strategic insights, plans and techniques that HR departments and senior executives need to navigate the inherent complexities of compliance and regulation. All within expedited and appropriate business time frames.

Given the vast quantity of information openly available online, in addition to the analysts our platform uses machine learning and natural language processing to go significantly beyond ‘Googling’ a name or search term and therefore ensuring name entity resolution particularly with regards to identifying and locating social media accounts. This enables our results to be accurate, comprehensive, meaningful and to provide insights that other systems continually fail to find. Moreover, we are continuously expanding our reach, scope and reliability by producing new tools and processes to ensure that we consistently stay one step ahead of online trends, platforms, breaches, and environments.
From the following sources, we collect targeted and relevant information only in accordance with the Equality Act and Data Protection Act and never invade the privacy of an individual:

  • Databases – international, regional and local including global compliance, watch list, sanction, PEP, regulatory records, litigation and legal research, identification of professional affiliations and corporate and company registration
  • International adverse media search (in English & local language)
  • Open source web search of all publicly available sources – search engines; blogs; social media etc.
  • Research into a company and/or an individual’s history, reputation, and personal and professional background and connections.
Whether it be in-depth reports, network visuals, risk assessment matrices, raw data, personnel profiles, continuous monitoring and alert system, or dynamic risk assessments our outputs will provide actionable insights to enable you to make informed decisions.
Management Team

Ian Howard

A trader by background and with over 30 years experience in financial services, Ian is a co-Founder of Neotas and our Head of Business Development.

Vipul Mishra

Vipul is CEO & co-Founder of Neotas, a Cyber Security Risk & Legal Investigations expert with a rare blend of Cyber Security, Law, IT and Business expertise. Previous roles have included Head of Information Security for a leading algorithmic hedge fund.

Rachel Carson

Rachel, Head of Delivery, has a background in OSINT as well as analysis, statistics and security across a variety of sectors.

Patrick Reynolds

As Head of Operations at Neotas, Patrick is an experienced Operations & Compliance individual with proven expertise in Operations, Compliance, Business Strategy, HR, Finance and Sales & Marketing within the UK, European, Chinese and American markets.

Jonathan Jacobi

Jonathan heads up our Sales team with a focus on helping our clients better manage their people risk. He has over 12 years' experience in the due diligence market having worked with a global employee screening business and for a division of Reed Elsevier where he helped to grow their KYC solutions. Outside of work Jonathan enjoys visiting foreign destinations and has particularly enjoyed dog sledding, hang gliding and parapenting.

Jessica Hart

Jess is responsible for driving the marketing initiatives of Neotas and spreading the company’s vision to build a next generation due diligence platform. In her spare time, Jess likes to focus on arts and crafts activities.

Kunal Aggarwal

Kunal has been a Security Researcher and a full stack developer for 5+ years. Having worked previously with India’s leading online travel company MakeMyTrip, he is skilled in Automation with Python and Machine Learning. With Neotas, he is responsible for the overall technology and platform development and OSINT research. Presenter at BlackHat, core member ReconVillage, project lead dataShark and webGuard, core contributor DataSploit. Generally found reading and listening to music.

At Neotas, we question why you continue working with the basics when in todays connected world there is so much more to discover?

Uncovering the Digital Trails that Others Leave Behind

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