Forensic Investigation & Financial Intelligence Unit

Locate hidden risks and connections in ‘networks’.

Run investigations with our proven search techniques.



Boost to AML

detection rates








Time and cost




Faster than traditional

investigative process

Billions of data sources

Analyse data from databases covering over 198m corporate records and 600bn+ archived web resources.

Don’t be limited by international jurisdictions or time sensitivities. Be able to rapidly process data in over 200 languages!

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Join the dots between disparate databases

Easily connect information from vast sources (including corporate records, adverse media, PEPs, sanctions checks) into one centralised data hub.

Our advanced Platform joins the dots to identify actionable intelligence. We enable businesses to mitigate reputational, compliance and financial crime risk.

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Understand business networks

Unpack complex corporate structures to discover beneficial owners. Uncover the entire digital footprint of individuals and companies.

Identify clear links to individuals and organisations and build a more complete picture for deeper forensic examinations.

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Fully auditable process

Ensure regulatory compliance with fully auditable processes.

Search history is documented, evidenced and saved to the case file at every step – all from within the Platform.

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Monitor for ongoing compliance

Risk exposure is ‘fluid’ and needs to be monitored thoroughly and consistently.

Our Ongoing Risk Monitoring helps reduce exposure by evaluating real-time online data.

Set up alerts and be well placed to mitigate the newfound risk.

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View recent cases and find out more about how Forensic Investigation can uncover unseen risks.

Coller Capital ESG Report
Case Study

Open Source Intelligence and ESG (OSINT-ESG)

Neotas are delighted to be chosen service providers of Coller Capital, to provide enhanced ESG due diligence on their investments,……Read more

Using Open Source Intelligence To Battle Fin Crime

Using Open Source Intelligence To Battle Fin Crime

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What our clients say

“Our partnership with Neotas gives our Intelligence team unrivalled access to cutting-edge technology, enhancing the comprehensiveness, speed and consistency of our integrity due diligence and open source intelligence service delivery for our clients. “


“Neotas searches go deeper than traditional due diligence checks by ‘spidering out’ across the entire internet and their proprietary AI technology helps them analyse vast quantities of data at speed.”

Coller Capital

“A fast and responsive team, providing us with easy to understand, comprehensive and cost effective outputs.”

CEO, Investment Firm

“Neotas have become an important partner, helping us develop our due diligence capabilities as we expand our financing offering into new geographies. Neotas present investigative findings in an easily digestible format. They are responsive to our business requirements and flexible in the way they approach our engagements, key reasons why we continue to expand our relationship.”

Channel Capital Advisors LLP

“Social media screening is an important element of the services we offer to our clients, working with Neotas gives us access to industry leading information and reports. They give us excellent support and are always responsive to our requirements”

Leading UK Screening Company

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of our investigative work is highly confidential. How can your Platform help?

You can license, integrate and operate our Platform, independently of Neotas. This means that you are able to conduct your own investigations in-house and all the data remains within your own IT/network. Our Platform is compliant, consistent and auditable.  The Neotas Platform will be much easier to use and save you at least 25% in time savings alone.  

How do we incorporate your Platform as part of our investigative work?

Our Platform interrogates and analyses over 600bn data points, including 198m+ corporate records and 100% of publicly available data on the Internet. We cut the time and hassle it takes to conduct investigations and we ‘join the dots’. Our Platform provides a centralised data hub and includes the traditional database checks that you may already be using.

What other services do you provide?

We can provide a managed service whereby we deliver reports back to you, or a subscription based service which allows you to conduct multiple investigations on a regular basis for a lower fee.

What kind of service can I expect from Neotas when I give them my enhanced DD cases?

We have a super friendly and helpful team at Neotas! Quite simply, you provide the seed information, we have a briefing call, where we understand the case and we give you a turnaround time. When the case is complete, we’ll walk you through the findings. 

You will also be able to track your case using your own dashboard provided by us. You will have a single point of contact and a 24/7 response facility.

How do you find ‘hard to get’ information?

We are specialists in finding ‘hard to get’ and oftentimes hidden information! We apply our own proprietary investigative techniques to provide a richer and more complete profile of companies and individuals. The Platform is designed to find ‘links’ in disparate unconnected information. We have thousands of cases to demonstrate this. 

For instance, we recently uncovered a hidden alias of a subject who had tried to cover up money laundering.

We have extremely difficult and complex cases which are very hard to solve. How can Neotas help?

Our Platform ‘spiders out’ across the Internet, building connections between disconnected and disparate data sources and finding links between unconnected parties. We can help you ‘join the dots’ in your difficult cases.

How does Neotas compare with experienced ‘boots on the ground’ investigators?

There is a vast amount of data available online and this is ever expanding. Google searches only search 4-6% of online content. We aggregate and analyse 100% of publicly available online data, giving you full coverage of the risks that exist. We are highly effective in uncovering hidden information. We don’t replace ‘boots on the ground’ but we compliment them!

For instance, finding hidden aliases.


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