Corporate Intelligence

We deliver much deeper corporate insights.

Effectively use behavioural and reputational risk data.



Data points









Time saving





of public online


Understand your relationships

Build a comprehensive, concise risk profile on individuals or companies, easily and quickly.

Our Platform analyses information from databases with over 198m corporate records, alongside 600bn+ archived web resources.

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Uncover risks hidden in plain sight

Rapidly interrogate information from the largest traditional databases in the world, as well as 100% of online data.

Identify reputational risks and adverse information with full investigative coverage including adverse media, PEPs, sanctions & watchlist screening.

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No international limitations

Our intelligence Platform searches as a local analyst would, seamlessly processing data in multiple languages.

The Neotas system automatically identifies relevant subjects and adverse issues.

Don’t be limited by international jurisdictions or time sensitivities, no matter how complex your network.

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Monitor ongoing risks

Maintain compliance and mitigate risks by analysing up-to-date, real-time online data.

Risk reports delivered with zero false positives. Ensure you monitor only those risks you need to and remove the ‘noise’.

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View recent cases and find out more about how harnessing our Corporate Intelligence capabilities can lower your risks.

Case Study

Ongoing Monitoring Protects Credit Against Subsidiary Threat

Our analysis uncovered and confirmed political links and undisclosed associations for the company’s senior personnel. …Read more

Future proof approach to supply chain risk management

Taking a future-proof approach to supply chain risk management

Taking A Future-Proof Approach to Supply Chain Risk Management Increased Risk Change and uncertainty are breeding grounds for risk and the timing……Read more

What our clients say

“Our partnership with Neotas gives our Intelligence team unrivalled access to cutting-edge technology, enhancing the comprehensiveness, speed and consistency of our integrity due diligence and open source intelligence service delivery for our clients. “


“Neotas searches go deeper than traditional due diligence checks by ‘spidering out’ across the entire internet and their proprietary AI technology helps them analyse vast quantities of data at speed.”

Coller Capital

“A fast and responsive team, providing us with easy to understand, comprehensive and cost effective outputs.”

CEO, Investment Firm

“Neotas have become an important partner, helping us develop our due diligence capabilities as we expand our financing offering into new geographies. Neotas present investigative findings in an easily digestible format. They are responsive to our business requirements and flexible in the way they approach our engagements, key reasons why we continue to expand our relationship.”

Channel Capital Advisors LLP

“Social media screening is an important element of the services we offer to our clients, working with Neotas gives us access to industry leading information and reports. They give us excellent support and are always responsive to our requirements”

Leading UK Screening Company

Frequently Asked Questions

When would corporate intelligence investigations be useful?

● Planning a merger or acquisition
● Working with external suppliers or international partners
● Concerned about the reputational wellbeing of an organisation or
management team
● Conducting reputational health checks on a subsidiary, or looking to
understand more about the financial background of an individual or

Why is corporate intelligence important to business?

Absolutely. We are delighted when we can confirm the suitability of a candidate for our clients and the report includes positive indicators like charitable work and volunteering.

When does corporate intelligence become unethical?

For social media screening, we only require the typical information you would find on a candidate’s CV. A full name, personal email, mobile phone number and some employment history.

What types of risks does corporate intelligence uncover?

For social media screening, we only require the typical information you would find on a candidate’s CV. A full name, personal email, mobile phone number and some employment history.

How far back can your searches look?

Yes, with a combination of in-house skills and machine translation tools we are able to process data in over 200 languages.

Are corporate intelligence investigations ethical/legal?

Your answer here…

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