Corporate Intelligence

Our approach is based on deep web analysis, social media intelligence, open source intelligence and human intelligence. We use advanced technology and proprietary methodologies to collect, analyze and visualize data from millions of online sources, including the dark web, forums, blogs, social networks, news sites, databases and more. 

Corporate Intelligence firms

Corporate Intelligence

Corporate Intelligence london

Corporate Intelligence

We use advanced technology and proprietary methodologies to collect, analyze and visualize data from millions of online sources, including the dark web, forums, blogs, social networks, news sites, databases and more. 

Corporate Intelligence

Actionable Insights for Informed Decisions
with Neotas Corporate Intelligence

Intelligent and Investigative

Smarter decision-making by automating data filtering and analysis from internal and external sources to highlight vital information.

Analysis & Visualization

Discover links and network mapping using interactive charts, detailed data view and reporting efficiency. Deep-dive into the data to derive valuable insights.

Speed and Accuracy

Work faster and eliminate errors by accessing all data sources from Neotas Enhanced Due Diligence platform in a single dashboard.

Secure & Transparent

Maintain privacy and anonymity while conducting due diligence. Complete control on your investigations and data utilization.

Identifying and Assessing External Threats and Opportunities

Stay ahead with comprehensive analysis of competitors, customers, suppliers, regulators, media, activists, and political actors, ensuring informed decisions and successful strategies.

Monitoring and Safeguarding Business Reputation

Constantly evaluate the performance and reputation of your business and stakeholders, safeguarding against potential risks and reinforcing trust with partners, investors, and customers.

Detecting and Preventing Malicious Activities

Combat fraud, corruption, cyberattacks, and other threats, protecting your business and stakeholders from potential harm with proactive security measures.

Strategic Support for Decision-making and Crisis Management

Get expert guidance for seamless due diligence, compliance, crisis management, and contingency planning, enabling confident growth and risk mitigation strategies.

Actionable Insights for Informed Decisions with Corporate Intelligence

Neotas is trusted by leading organizations across various sectors and geographies. We have a global network of experts and analysts who can deliver timely and accurate intelligence in any jurisdiction. We adhere to the highest standards of quality, ethics and confidentiality.

Improve Efficiencies

Improve analyst efficiencies, including cost and time reduction of minimum 25% with zero false positives.

Reduce Blindspots

The FCA recommends open source Internet checks as best practice (FG 18/5). Manage and reduce risk by incorporating 100% of online sources into your processes.

Ongoing Monitoring

Manage risk with hyper accurate ongoing monitoring. We will monitor 100% of publicly available online data to help identify relevant risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Intelligence refers to the systematic gathering and analysis of information aimed at aiding businesses in making well-informed decisions. It serves as a crucial tool for managing risks, navigating crises, fostering growth strategies, capitalizing on emerging prospects, and ensuring competitive prowess.

Corporate Intelligence teams diligently scan the landscape, keeping top-tier leadership updated on potential risks and their business implications.

By providing valuable insights into cyber threats, security risks, political instability, and other brewing concerns, these teams empower companies to proactively address challenges.

Additionally, specialized Corporate Intelligence firms play a pivotal role in safeguarding and guiding international companies exploring new opportunities, offering independent research and risk analysis to bolster their confidence and success.

Businesses today face a variety of risks, from cyberattacks and fraud to geopolitical instability and regulatory compliance. These risks can have serious consequences for the reputation, performance and profitability of a business. To manage these risks effectively, businesses need to have access to reliable and timely information, as well as the ability to analyze and act on it. 

This is where corporate intelligence teams come in. Corporate intelligence teams are specialized units within a business that collect, process and disseminate information relevant to the business’s strategic objectives and risk profile. They use a range of sources and methods, such as open-source intelligence, human intelligence, social media monitoring, data analytics and artificial intelligence, to provide actionable insights and recommendations to decision-makers. 

Read more about: How Corporate Intelligence Teams Help Businesses Manage Risk

Corporate intelligence teams can help businesses manage risk in several ways, such as: 

 – Identifying and assessing potential threats and opportunities in the external environment, such as competitors, customers, suppliers, regulators, media, activists and political actors. 

– Monitoring and evaluating the performance and reputation of the business and its stakeholders, such as employees, partners, investors and customers. 

– Detecting and preventing fraud, corruption, cyberattacks and other malicious activities that could harm the business or its stakeholders. 

– Supporting due diligence and compliance processes for mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, investments and contracts. 

– Providing strategic guidance and support for crisis management and contingency planning. 

By having a corporate intelligence team, businesses can gain a competitive edge, enhance their resilience and mitigate their exposure to risk. Corporate intelligence teams can also help businesses seize new opportunities, innovate and grow in a complex and dynamic world. 

Yes, Neotas offers continuous monitoring services for Corporate Intelligence, allowing clients to stay updated on any changes or developments related to their subjects of interest. This ensures that businesses can proactively address potential risks as they arise.

Neotas differentiates itself through its advanced technology stack and a team of highly skilled analysts. We have the capability to efficiently sift through vast amounts of data, ensuring accurate and up-to-date intelligence for our clients. Additionally, our comprehensive reports are presented in a clear and actionable format, making it easier for businesses to make informed decisions.

Yes, We at Neotas are well-equipped to handle sensitive and confidential information during our Corporate Intelligence investigations. We understand the importance of maintaining strict confidentiality, and all our processes comply with data protection laws and industry best practices. Clients can trust Neotas to maintain the highest level of discretion and security throughout the engagement.

Corporate intelligence can be divided into two main types: strategic and operational. Strategic corporate intelligence focuses on the long-term goals and direction of the business, such as market trends, industry analysis, innovation and growth potential. Operational corporate intelligence focuses on the day-to-day activities and challenges of the business, such as customer feedback, competitor actions, supplier reliability and regulatory compliance. 

Corporate intelligence can be obtained from various sources, such as public records, media reports, industry publications, trade shows, social media, surveys, interviews and online databases. However, not all sources are equally reliable, relevant and accessible. Therefore, corporate intelligence requires careful planning, execution and evaluation to ensure its quality, accuracy and usefulness. 

Corporate intelligence is not only for large corporations or specific industries. Any business that operates in a competitive and dynamic environment can benefit from corporate intelligence. Whether it is to launch a new product, enter a new market, acquire a competitor or improve customer satisfaction, corporate intelligence can provide valuable insights and guidance for achieving business objectives. 

Neotas caters to businesses of all sizes and industries. From startups to multinational corporations, financial institutions to law firms, our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Neotas employs advanced web crawling techniques and open-source intelligence to gather information from various online sources. We analyze publicly available data to identify potential risks and threats associated with individuals or entities. 

Yes, Neotas operates globally and offers Corporate Intelligence services on an international scale. Our extensive network and multilingual capabilities enable us to cover a wide range of jurisdictions.

Absolutely. Neotas strictly adheres to all relevant data protection and privacy regulations. We conduct our operations ethically and within the bounds of the law to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information we handle.

Neotas’ due diligence reports provide comprehensive information on individuals or companies, including their professional background, financial history, legal records, reputation, and any potential risks that may impact business relationships.

Discover How To Connect The Dots.

Try Neotas Due Diligence Platform Today! All due diligence information at your fingertips, without the hassle! Our advanced technology delivers new insights while managing all risk data in a single centralised hub.

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