Enhanced Due Diligence FAQs

Find below a selection of FAQs we face relating to Enhanced Due Diligence, our investigative Platform and Due Diligence Reports.

What are the key risk indicators covered by enhanced due diligence?

The risks we consider include: 

  • Lifestyle/Wealth Mismatch
  • Disqualified/Insolvent Entities
  • Fraudulent Activity
  • Investment of Concern/Risk
  • Tax Evasion/Avoidance Concerns
  • Terrorism Financing Concerns
  • Money Laundering Concerns
  • Links to criminal activities
  • Financial Irregularities
  • Multiple Identities/Aliases
  • Political Exposure 
  • Regulatory Actions/Notices
  • Court Records
  • Risks associated with significant individuals

We already conduct enhanced due diligence. What is Neotas’s differentiator?

Google searches only cover 4-6% of the entire internet. The Neotas Platform provides a richer and more complete profile of customers, companies and individuals with greater:

  • Coverage: we cover traditional third party databases, the entire internet (surface, deep and dark web) 
  • Depth: we automatically gather and analyse data using AI and machine learning, pulling information which others do not. This provides unique insights into behavioural attributes, reputation, connections (that are not in any databases).
  • Speed and ease of use: our Platform can conduct ‘built-in’ investigations in seconds as opposed to days and hours. The Neotas Platform is also easy to use.

What is the minimum amount of information you need?

We only require basic details such as individual name / company name, address, email etc.

Can you work in multiple languages?

Yes, with a combination of in-house skills and machine translation tools we can review profiles in over 200 languages.

How far back do you look?

We look at all available content regardless of time. If it’s there, we can find it, such as a fraudster who ‘laid low’ for 10 years!

Why aren’t my adverse media checks sufficient?

Adverse media databases do not capture all the relevant information. Neotas searches extend beyond media databases and include social media, the surface and deep web.

Are you regulatory compliant?

Yes. The regulators, including the FCA, increasingly expect information in the public domain to be used. The FCA state that open source Internet checks are an important part of ‘best practice’ for EDD (FG 18/5).

What do your reports contain?

Our reports provide clearly flagged risks using a traffic light system (red/amber/green), with detailed evidence, a network association visual map, an audit trail and a list of all sources used. We also provide a narrative and context to all the risks flagged.

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