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With globalisation and digitisation comes rapid advancements in money laundering, fraud and other forms of financial crime. It’s critical for financial services businesses to do more and to know more, to protect themselves from financial crime risks.
The Neotas Platform can eliminate time-consuming investigation and help move towards a proactive, Risk-Based Approach to compliance and financial crime.

We dramatically improve detection of money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery and corruption, reputational and ESG risks. Using open source intelligence and other data sources, we uncover risks hidden in the networks, associations and complex corporate structures of individuals, businesses and other organisation types.

Fast, Accurate and Comprehensive

Financial Crime Investigation



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Seamlessly Connect Data Sources

Seamlessly Connect Data Sources

  • Connect risk data between disparate sources in one central platform – including PEPs, sanctions, watchlists, adverse media, company information and open source intelligence
  • Analyse data from over 600bn unstructured and structured sources
  • Rapidly process data in over 200 languages
  • Automate manual information gathering processes
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Faster Onboarding equals happy customers

Eliminate Time-Consuming Processes

Eliminate Time-Consuming Processes

  • Focus on relevant risk data only – no time wasted on false positives
  • Conduct full customer due diligence checks in one place – saving analyst investigation time by up to 25%
  • AI-driven analysis enables more accurate, consistent findings, removing opportunities for human oversight
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Enhanced risk dashboard updates in real time

Understand Complex Corporate Networks

Understand Complex Corporate Networks

  • Unpack complex corporate structures to discover beneficial owners. Uncover the entire digital footprint of individuals and companies
  • Identify clear links to individuals and organisations and build a more complete picture for deeper forensic examinations
  • Understand reputational risk of connected entities
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Connect the dots between disjointed databases

Maintain Ongoing Compliance

Maintain Ongoing Compliance

  • Ensure regulatory compliance with fully auditable processes
  • Reduce exposure by implementing Ongoing Monitoring, evaluating
    real-time online data
  • Set up alerts and be well placed to mitigate the newfound risk
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Ongoing risk monitoring, with alerts to notify of newfound risks

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Our team of industry-leading experts will deliver hyper-accurate, efficient reports with zero false positives.


View recent cases and see how open source intelligence can help improve financial crime detection.

The Risk-Based Approach: How Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is transforming enhanced due diligence and investigations in AML compliance
Case Study

The Risk-Based Approach: How Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is transforming enhanced due diligence and investigations in AML compliance

Regulators are now expecting Financial Services Organisations (FSOs) to demonstrate how they take a true risk based approach (RBA) to……Read more

Case Study

Money Laundering Fraudster identified through aliases

Our AML investigation into this individual uncovered links to a string of financial crimes. …Read more

What our clients say

“Our partnership with Neotas gives our Intelligence team unrivalled access to cutting-edge technology, enhancing the comprehensiveness, speed and consistency of our integrity due diligence and open source intelligence service delivery for our clients. “


“Neotas searches go deeper than traditional due diligence checks by ‘spidering out’ across the entire internet and their proprietary AI technology helps them analyse vast quantities of data at speed.”

Coller Capital

“A fast and responsive team, providing us with easy to understand, comprehensive and cost effective outputs.”

CEO, Investment Firm

“Neotas have become an important partner, helping us develop our due diligence capabilities as we expand our financing offering into new geographies. Neotas present investigative findings in an easily digestible format. They are responsive to our business requirements and flexible in the way they approach our engagements, key reasons why we continue to expand our relationship.”

Channel Capital Advisors LLP

“Social media screening is an important element of the services we offer to our clients, working with Neotas gives us access to industry leading information and reports. They give us excellent support and are always responsive to our requirements”

Leading UK Screening Company