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Neotas in News: Every day is a new quest

Every day is a new quest, a new challenge at Neotas.

As an analyst, I get to solve a new puzzle every day. And, if I get stuck, as anyone might, I can just look at the desk on my right, or my left, and I will always find a supportive team, ready to help.

That’s what I enjoy most – the atmosphere at Neotas is collaborative, kind but still engaging. There is an open-door policy in place, where every single employee is just a click away.

Most importantly, we have our fun.

We have cool outings, outstation trips, team get-togethers, games and books in our office and regular Fun Fridays filled with quizzes and activities. We have activity clubs too!

It’s a privilege to be learning, problem solving and being able do my fair share of work and play, amongst friends.

By Nikita Chawla, Analyst, Neotas