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The ultimate platform that ‘joins all the dots’

Have all global risk databases, corporate records and sources in one place.

Now also interrogate the entire surface web, deep web and social media.

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Advancing the Front Line of Enhanced Due Diligence

At least



time and cost




Higher fraud




Auditable EDD




Data points


Unrivalled Data Sources

Upskill Your Analysts


The Platform’s Global Reach

The Neotas due diligence Platform will perform searches as a local analyst would, seamlessly processing data in all major global languages.

The Platform is not limited by international jurisdictions or time sensitivities.

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Find The Needle In The Haystack

Our investigations have found 10% more risks in due diligence cases.

Yet we have saved at least 25% of the time of analysts.

We find the smallest needles in the world’s biggest haystack!

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Clear Risk Reporting, Efficiently Delivered

Receive concise, accurate findings that focus on relevant red flags only – all with zero false positives.

No more wasting time sifting through lots of irrelevant data.

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Ongoing Monitoring to identify new risks

The key challenge is out-of-date information which cannot predict an impending risk or potential disaster.

Our Platform monitors ongoing risks using real-time online data. Monitor only those risks you need to.

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The latest updates from our team of industry-leading experts.

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Using Open Source Intelligence To Battle Fin Crime

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Cut Through The Noise

Insights delivered by the Neotas Platform are hyper-accurate and fully auditable. With no false positives.


Configurable And Clear

Risks identification is fully configurable, meaning your risk reports deliver exactly what you need to see, not just a predetermined selection.


Improve Efficiencies

Our incredibly powerful investigative tools combine internal and external data feeds meaning all sources are combined into one, streamlined dashboard.

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