Senior Manager and Certification Regime Breakfast Briefing

Last week, Neotas, Enforcd and Medius joined forces to host a breakfast briefing on the Senior Manager and Certification Regime.

Jane Walshe, CEO of Enforcd, and ex-FCA opened the discussion by giving background on the history of FCA Regulation, and its current movements. Lesley Kumar, from Medius consulting, followed up giving some of her experiences as a risk compliance officer. Together, Lesley and Jane perfectly set the stage for Jennifer Roderick, Neotas, to describe the Neotas solution to the problems posed by the ‘Honesty, Integrity, and Reputation’ components of the new SMR Regime.

Finally, our Ian Howard rounded off the discussion by moderating an open discussion.

The event was a great success, and an excellent opportunity for Neotas’ product launch. If you’d like to get in contact about the new Senior Manager’s Regime, then please get in touch at [email protected]