Customer Due Diligence

New customer insights delivered faster than traditional processes.



Faster than

existing processes




Time and cost




Online public

data analysed


False positives


Truly know your customers

There is increasing regulatory pressure to know your customers better. We do this by using enhanced technology and open-source intelligence.

We help you remove your customer due diligence blindspots and bring more informed customer data to you, in an easy and compliant way.

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Full coverage including Adverse Media, PEPs, Sanctions & Watchlist Screening

We help you build a clear and concise individual risk profile.

We rapidly interrogate the largest traditional databases in the world, as well as 100% of public online data.

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Efficient risk reporting = faster onboarding

No more wasting time sifting through irrelevant risk data.

Using the Neotas Platform, analyst investigation time is reduced by a minimum of 25%.

You receive concise, accurate findings that focus on relevant red flags only – all with zero false positives.

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Ongoing Monitoring

Risk exposure is ‘fluid’ and needs to be monitored thoroughly and consistently.

Our Ongoing Risk Monitoring helps reduce exposure by constantly evaluating real-time online data.

Set up alerts and be well placed to mitigate the newfound risk, providing ‘peace of mind’ for risk and compliance managers.

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View recent cases and see how Customer Due Diligence can help lower improve onboarding efficiencies and maintain compliance.

Case Study

Name Change Hides Involvement With Fraudulent Activity

A European venture capital firm with one of the largest funds tasked Neotas with conducting online due diligence on the……Read more

Dear Trade Finance Firms - The FCA Wants You To Do More

Dear Trade Finance Firms – The FCA Wants You To Do More

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What our clients say

“Our partnership with Neotas gives our Intelligence team unrivalled access to cutting-edge technology, enhancing the comprehensiveness, speed and consistency of our integrity due diligence and open source intelligence service delivery for our clients. “


“Neotas searches go deeper than traditional due diligence checks by ‘spidering out’ across the entire internet and their proprietary AI technology helps them analyse vast quantities of data at speed.”

Coller Capital

“A fast and responsive team, providing us with easy to understand, comprehensive and cost effective outputs.”

CEO, Investment Firm

“Neotas have become an important partner, helping us develop our due diligence capabilities as we expand our financing offering into new geographies. Neotas present investigative findings in an easily digestible format. They are responsive to our business requirements and flexible in the way they approach our engagements, key reasons why we continue to expand our relationship.”

Channel Capital Advisors LLP

“Social media screening is an important element of the services we offer to our clients, working with Neotas gives us access to industry leading information and reports. They give us excellent support and are always responsive to our requirements”

Leading UK Screening Company

Frequently Asked Questions

I already conduct KYC checks. What value would Neotas add?

Neotas goes beyond current and traditional KYC checks by ‘spidering out’ across the Internet, aggregating and analysing vast amounts of data at speed. We bring you additional customer data, for example through social media networks, surface and deep web sources. We provide you with a single view of risk, with insights delivered in one single place. We help you remove your blindspots and build a clearer risk profile of customers, in an easy and compliant way.

Why is it important to include open source intelligence in customer due diligence checks?

Neotas adds valuable insight from unstructured and structured sources that are currently under-utilised. The regulators are increasingly stating the importance of using open source intelligence for customer due diligence (FG 18/5, FCA). Open sources include social media, surface web and deep web data and we are specialists in ‘joining the dots’ between disparate data sources, so that you have a complete risk profile of customers.

Can Neotas be used for perpetual KYC?

Absolutely. Our Platform can be used to monitor customer risk data on an ongoing basis, without false positives. This is particularly useful as the risk profile of customers can change over time and database checks provide ‘point in time’ information, whereas our Platform monitors risk in almost real-time and consistently.

If this is quicker than traditional KYC, will it still capture as much information?

We capture more information than traditional KYC, as we aggregate and analyse data from the largest traditional databases in the world, as well as 100% of publicly available online data. The Neotas Platform interrogates data at speed and ‘joins the dots’ between disparate data sources. All the information is made available to you at the click of a button, in one single place.

How does Neotas successfully discover fraud amongst unconnected parties?

We interrogate vast amounts of information at speed and our ability to ‘connect the dots’ between disparate data sources enables us to identify risk, including fraud. We have discovered fraud amongst unconnected parties by, for instance, uncovering aliases used by individuals.

Does finding additional fraud mean greater work to solve the problems?

There have been numerous instances where we’ve found instances of fraud where others have not found it. We pride ourselves on being able to uncover risks quickly and efficiently, which means that you can be rest assured you will solve the problems effectively.

In addition to database checks, what is the value that Neotas brings?

We provide database checks alongside the power of open source intelligence, which means we interrogate and analyse open sources (publicly available data) at speed. The additional insights from open source intelligence helps you to make decisions more effectively. This gives you peace of mind that your blind spots are covered.

If I’m a member of a junior analyst team, how will the Neotas Platform help me conduct investigations?

The Neotas Platform will help you conduct your investigations more effectively and efficiently, saving you at least 25% of your time. The Platform provides a richer and more complete profile of customers with greater:

  • Speed and ease of use: our Platform can conduct ‘built-in’ investigations in seconds as opposed to days and hours. The Platform is also easy to use. 
  • Coverage: we cover traditional third party databases, the entire internet (surface, deep and dark web), bringing them all together in a single view. 
  • Depth: we automatically gather and analyse data using AI and machine learning, pulling information which others do not. This provides unique insights into behavioural attributes, reputation and connections that are not in any databases.

How are you different to entity resolution?

We focus on the live data that exists outside of banks or financial institutions. This data comes in many forms, including social media, customer/employee reviews, adverse media, surface web and deep web sources, etc. We give you clear risk insights by analysing this data at speed and bringing it all together in one place.

I use a lot of third party providers, which is difficult and time consuming. How can Neotas help solve this problem?

Our Platform ‘joins the dots’ between disparate data sources, including your existing third party providers, which are integrated into one central hub. We provide you with a single view of all risks uncovered, helping you to make your processes more effective and efficient.


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