background screening

 background screening

Neotas is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Konfir, a leading organization based out of London, United Kingdom in the Instant employment and income verification industry.

This collaboration brings together two complementary services – instant employment verifications from Konfir and in-depth online reputational checks from Neotas. Together, we aim to reshape the way background screening is conducted, providing a more efficient and robust solution to employers and screening companies.

By analysing a candidate’s entire digital footprint including their social media presence, adverse internet checks, court records, educational and employment inconsistencies, Neotas can uncover potential red flags such as inappropriate behaviour, illegal activities, missing education / employment records or other issues that may impact a candidate’s suitability for a particular role. Combined with instant employment verifications from Konfir, this information provides a comprehensive and accurate picture of a candidate’s background, streamlining the hiring process and mitigating potential risks for employers.

Vipul Mishra, CEO at Neotas, said:

“At Neotas, we’re committed to providing industry leading background screening solutions for employers. Our solutions can help employers make informed decisions by identifying behaviors that cannot be uncovered by CVs, or traditional background checks.”

Konfir’s technology is designed to verify an individual’s identity quickly and accurately, helping organizations make decisions faster than ever before. Our partnership brings together two of the most trusted names in the background screening industry, offering employers a powerful set of tools to help them manage their background screening needs.

Steve O’Neil, Head of Growth at Konfir, added:

This partnership marks a significant step forward in the evolution of background screening, demonstrating how the integration of innovative solutions can lead to more effective, efficient, and comprehensive checks. With the combined expertise of Konfir and Neotas, employers can now access a complete picture of a candidate’s background, empowering them to make the best possible hiring decisions.

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