Neotas Compete Using OSINT Skills To Help In Missing Persons Cases

On Sunday 7th August, the Neotas team competed against the world’s top open source intelligence (OSINT) experts in the latest Global OSINT Capture The Flag Search Party event. 

The competition, organised by Trace Labs, sees the world’s leading OSINT minds compete against each other to help search for information relating to missing persons cases.  



The cases assigned to each team are typically “cold cases” – meaning the investigations are either dormant or that there was very little information known about the case from the start. The data uncovered is checked and verified by a panel of judges, then scored based on its usefulness in the case and difficulty to discover. 

The Neotas team, known as Dos Pintos, came 15th overall out of over 240 teams from around the world, including over 650 participants.  

As always, we’re incredibly proud of our staff for rising to the challenge to use #OSINTForGood and for volunteering their own time to contribute to such a great cause. We look forward to future competitions and to continuing to use our skills and expertise to do good.

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