Neotas wins the World Cup

An England team picked by Neotas would win the football World Cup. It’s a bold claim, I know, but considering recent tournament attempts, you might as well hear us out.

England have suffered from a team that never seems to gel. We have had plenty of brilliant players. The “golden generation” included some of the best midfielders that the country has turned out from Gerrard to Lampard to Scholes yet we consistently underachieved. They never seemed to click and play well together.

It has always seemed like the team has been thrown together by a tick-box process of: this player plays for a well-established team; this player has scored a lot of goals for his club; etc. There has never been any effort to go further and understand the true character, behaviours, motivations, personality and backgrounds of the players, all things that have a sizeable impact on the team’s performance.

This is what Neotas does for due diligence. Our analysts go beyond the standard background checks to reveal a deeper understanding of hires and investments to aid companies with compliance, KYC and SMR regulations and help build a workforce they have confidence in.

The Neotas process would produce an England team that has gone through a vetting like never before. Our understanding of the players allowing us to build a team in perfect balance that complements each player’s abilities and personality. A team that could win the cup! In reality, whilst our due diligence process is like no other, our footballing brains might not be up to par. It’s probably best we stick with compliance and KYC.

We wish England and every other team competing in Russia the best of luck but if another “Iceland incident” happens then maybe it won’t be long before the FA comes knocking on the Neotas door…

-Alex Penn

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