Neotas selected amongst top FinTech firms of 2021

Neotas Selected Amongst Top 300 Most Influential FinTech Companies of 2021

We are delighted to have been selected as one of the top FinTech companies of 2021 in the Harrington Starr’s The Financial Technologist magazine.

The first edition of the publication this year includes the highly coveted list of the Top 300 Most Influential FinTech Companies of 2021.

This year’s list is a real insight into the incredible developments being made in the FinTech world. It includes a huge variety of top FinTech companies from differing sections of the industry, from crypto to ID verification to AML and more. Neotas are proud to lead the way for open source due diligence and risk solutions.

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Perhaps the most significant element to this year’s list is that the companies included have survived the widespread desolation of the global pandemic and are now in a strong position to continue to grow and make an impact on the business world.

We are delighted to share with you Harrington Starr’s The Financial Technologist magazine as it lands it’s first edition of the year featuring the Most Influential Fintech Companies in 2021!

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— Harrington Starr (@HarringtonStarr) March 29, 2021

In what has been an incredibly tough year for everyone, it is an honour to be included in such a highly coveted list alongside some of the brightest and most dynamic companies in the industry.

You can read and download the full list of this year’s Top 300 Most Influential FinTech Companies of 2021 here.

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