Neotas Compete With OSINT Specialists To Help Find Missing Children

Neotas Compete With OSINT Specialists To Help Find Missing Children

On Sunday 21st February a Neotas team competed against the world’s leading OSINT specialists in the latest global Capture the Flag event, organised by Trace Labs. The competition saw over 500 contestants from 290 teams compete to reveal new information on 5 missing persons cases from around the world. 

Teams from around the world were challenged to use their Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) skills to uncover useful information on real missing persons cases from Canada, USA, Australia and the UK.

Graph showing over 7000 data submissions as part of OSINT capture the flag competition to find missing children

Typically, the cases assigned to the teams are cold cases – meaning there was very little information known, sometimes even none at all. The teams are awarded points for each piece of useful intelligence uncovered. The more actionable the intelligence – the more points received.

With the stakes as high as they were, we’re incredibly proud of the Neotas team finishing 11th overall out of nearly 300 teams. The competition puts us against the world leaders of the OSINT community, with teams containing decades of experience in intelligence, cyber security and law enforcement.

After a number of top ten finishes in a row against a smaller playing field, we couldn’t be prouder of team Neotas finishing 11th against a significantly larger group of teams.

Our team rose to the challenge of using #OSINTforGood, showcasing their outstanding data investigation skills for a great cause. A big thank you goes out to Trace Labs for another great CTF and an excellent challenge as always.

Find out more about how we use OSINT. Download our Review of the Year to see what we uncovered in 2020: