Neotas Joins EIT Digital Accelerator

Neotas Joins EIT Digital Accelerator

EIT Digital’s Accelerator provides customised growth support for tech scaleups that want to grow their businesses across Europe. By joining EIT Digital, Neotas will be able to expand its Due Diligence portfolio, continuing to provide a true background and behaviour overview of individuals and companies you could be investing in.

“EIT Digital is proud to be chosen by Neotas to support its European business growth objectives,” says Ben McClure, UK Lead at the EIT Digital Accelerator. “Neotas is absolutely ready for use in other markets in Europe, where businesses are under pressure to meet customer and employee onboarding regulations. Our pan-European team is delighted to offer its support to accelerate Neotas’ expansion plans and acquire enterprise customers across Europe.”

With tighter national and EU regulations, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have a full overview of their customers and employees whilst maintaining their privacy. We screen candidates’ social media and online presence objectively for employment related business risks. We also provide only essential details within each report, eliminating the risk of an individual being affected by a conscious or unconscious bias. With our extensive experience with both Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) and Operational Due Diligence (ODD), we are experts in safeguarding investments and protecting reputations. 

Being able to join forces with EIT Digital Accelerator will enable us to continue this work on an international level, meaning more businesses than ever will be able to safeguard against potential outside threats. The support that EIT Digital can provide means that Neotas will join over 200 top European corporations, SMEs, startups, universities and research institutes to collaborate in an open innovation setting. A wider access to technology, talent and growth support will enable Neotas to go from strength to strength.   

“Partnering with EIT Digital Accelerator is a superb opportunity and one we are very excited about”, says Vipul Mishra, Co-Founder & CEO of Neotas. 

“Having proven the value of our due diligence platform, we are ready to take the next step in our growth plan, which is expanding our offering to banks, financial institutions and other businesses across Europe. Our business has been growing steadily, and we look forward to EIT Digital helping us take it to the next level.”

At Neotas we can quickly pinpoint risk factors and assist in decision making using our advanced intelligence. By analysing a company or individual’s digital footprint, we can save you time by analysing any potentially damaging matches, uncovering the true background information and enabling you to make a completely informed decision. With over eighty customers within financial services, we are already helping businesses to eliminate potential people risks and maintain financial health.   

If you would like to safeguard your investments and improve ROI, get in touch today to see how we can help.