Neotas Showcase OSINT Debt Recovery Capabilities At Indesser Workshop

We were delighted to join Indesser, the UK’s leading intermediary debt recovery practitioner, for their recent workshop series.

Who are Indesser?

Indesser are part owned by the government, helping local and central governments manage and collect debt responsibly, ethically and fairly.

Indesser use data and technology in truly cutting-edge, innovative ways, bringing private sector expertise to the public sector. They partner with specialist third-party solutions like Neotas to help enhance and enrich their data investigation and analysis capabilities.

What was the workshop?

Neotas Director and Co-Founder Ian Howard joined Indesser for their latest workshop, offering insight into how Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) can help the public sector. 

In a presentation to the attendees, Ian explained:

  • What OSINT is and how we access it at Neotas
  • How to access data sources from across the web, including indexed (surface web) and non-indexed data (deep and dark web)
  • The role that technology can play in detecting risk, including the capability to rapidly analyse data in multiple languages, at scale
  • Using OSINT to help reduce personal vulnerabilities in the event of data breaches
  • The use of OSINT as a tool to improve the assessment of fraud, error, debt recovery, supplier vetting and more

Ian also showcased a selection of recent relevant case studies, including our identification of a “runaway” CEO, who had taken large sums of money before disappearing. We were able to track the person through their online activity before triangulating their location at a property in Europe.

Another example case included involved a business owner who was being onboarded at a financial institution, that was identified as having links to bribery and corruption, as well as the procurement of military hardware. It was a truly shocking case that involved a huge web of illicit and illegal activity. 

To find out more about how OSINT can be used in debt recovery or to combat financial crime, schedule a call with our team here.