Ongoing Monitoring Risk Management With No False Positives

Introducing…Ongoing Monitoring Risk Management With No False Positives

One comment we have consistently heard from clients after receiving their reports is, “if only I knew about these risks at the time”. Now you can.

In an ever-changing landscape, exposure to risk evolves constantly. We have added Ongoing Monitoring to our risk management capabilities to help our clients manage risk on an ongoing basis. We provide zero false positives, eliminating time wasted reviewing false risks. 

What is Ongoing Monitoring?

Using our advanced proprietary technology, we can monitor risks on an ongoing basis for our clients. Our advanced Platform delivers hyper accurate results – with no false positives.

While some monitoring solutions cover search engine results, search engines only index 4-6% of available data. We will monitor 100% of publicly available online data to help identify relevant risks.

Eliminating false positives from risk management enables our clients to ensure they focus resources where they are needed most – not reviewing false risks.

Neotas' ongoing monitoring solution monitors public data for risk, presenting zero false positives

The benefits of ongoing risk monitoring

Ongoing Monitoring from Neotas gives you insights above and beyond traditional risk management processes, without the false positives. 

Data is monitored on an ongoing basis, with live dashboards exclusively focusing on the clear risk indicators that we have established with you. You can also analyse and drill down into the risk data using multiple parameters.

This groundbreaking solution will be available to all Neotas clients where you’re monitoring: 

  • Companies you’ve invested in or given finance to  
  • Risks associated with customers and clients you’ve dealt with throughout the course of the transaction lifecycle 
  • Staff, from a social media policy, reputation and vulnerability or compliance perspective for instance 

Our ongoing monitoring dashboard exclusively focuses on the new risks uncovered and it can also be tailored to centre around specific themes or keywords.  

Why now?

The ongoing uncertainty brought on by the global pandemic means that exposure to risk has increased – we have developed a future-proof tool to combat the unpredictability.

Ongoing Monitoring allows our clients to manage their risks on an ongoing basis, proactively protecting their interests. The exposure to reputational risks exists the moment you invest in, deal with, hire or lend to an individual or company, so ongoing monitoring is critical to help mitigate and manage these risks.  

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Picture of Neotas Enhanced Due Diligence

Neotas Enhanced Due Diligence

Neotas Enhanced Due Diligence covers 600Bn+ Archived web pages, 1.8Bn+ court records, 198M+ Corporate records, Global Social Media platforms, and more than 40,000 Media sources from over 100 countries to help you screen & manage risks.

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