People – Our Focus, Our Passion, Our Team.

At Neotas, we place people are at the core of everything we do, believe in and value. Whether it is the Neotas team, our clients, our advisory board of experts or the subjects we look at, each and every single day our focus is people.

When we consider our clients, it is obvious to understand why we value their involvement and spend considerable time nurturing and developing relationships. Our clients are joining us on a journey and to be their travel companion is an honour. They are breaking the norms and widely accepted traditional methodologies of tick box due diligence and employee screenings to embrace the digital information era. They are setting new standards in their sectors and embracing the principles laid out by regulators to go beyond. The willingness and drive of key individuals to embrace the future of due diligence is what drives us forwards each day.

Moving to our company level, Neotas is the accumulation of individuals who have spent their careers thus far realising that people are at the core of everything. From a Chief Information Security Officer, with the latest cyber security measures and endless budgets, who suffered a significant intellectual property breach at the hands of an employee to an officer within the Cyber Crime Unit of the National Crime Agency who spent his days fighting crime online – the consistent factor was always a person at the end of a computer keyboard. From the financial trader whose every decision was made and affected by the actions of individuals to the military officer who spent their career focused on counter terrorism operations overseas understanding and targeting individuals – people were at the core. Regardless of sector, people are the consistent factor. People affect the security and growth of every company and nation around the world, whether positively or negatively. Combining this realisation with our knowledge and experience, we have developed and grown Neotas and our platform to aid decision making across all sectors by providing increased situational awareness of people whether for business deals, security and background screening, or fit and proper compliance requirements.

When Neotas conduct due diligence research on an individual or company, we focus on the person. We unveil all active and passive content relating to the individual including networks, associations, interests, companies, motivators, and behavioural and personality traits plus so many other aspects. We don’t follow a set checklist and set of rules because each subject is unique and we treat their online footprint as such. By putting the subject first, we are able to develop a profile from which risks, flags, and areas of concern or conversely positive attributes can be highlighted. We approach each case as an individual and not a series of tick box confirmations.

So how do we do all of this? You’ve guessed it. People are at the core of our platform, company and research. Our propriety methodologies and platform have been developed by our amazing team. And while Neotas, like many other companies, have embraced the AI, Big Data, NLP, machine learning technology wave, we have also realised that all of these systems are only as good as the designer and the person driving them. This is why our team are so important to us. In order to produce the best research we must we continually train and develop methodologies and tools with the best analysts. And that is what Neotas does every day.

With people as our focus, our passion, and our enabler, Neotas are taking due diligence to the next level. To find out more about what we do and how we can assist with your due diligence and investigative requirements and procedures, please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to assist.

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