Using OSINT For Good to Support Environmental Investigation Agency

Neotas use OSINT For Good to Support Environmental Investigation Agency

Neotas are proud to use OSINT for good (#OSINTForGood) to support and assist Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) in their efforts to investigate environmental crime.

The recent report published by EIA highlights the threat towards Asia’s leopard population due to illegal killings in aid to meet the demand for their body parts. A number of Chinese pharmaceutical companies named in the report list leopard bone as an ingredient for their medical products.

“The illegal killing of leopards for their body parts in Asia is driving the species towards extinction. They have already disappeared from Laos, Vietnam and Singapore and are on the brink of extinction in several other countries. Demand for their bones, primarily from Chinese consumers, is one of the drivers of the trade. Leopard bone is used in similar ways to tiger bone, steeped in rice wine to produce health tonics and used in other traditional medicines.” – EIA, Bitter Pill To Swallow, March 2020

Our team of in-house experts used OSINT technology to map out the international links between potential actors involved in the trade. The EIA’s research aims to highlight the leopards rapid decline and the need to revisit certain trade regulations in place.

We’re proud to have been able to support EIA and will continue to spread their message and assist their work against this issue. The support comes as part of an ongoing mission for Neotas to join the worldwide community using #OSINTForGood, which also includes taking part in a global competition to help uncover missing persons information.

You can access the full EIA report here.

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