Neotas Launch New Background Screening Pricing Tool

Neotas Launch New Background Screening Pricing Tool

We’re delighted to have launched our brand new pricing tool to allow our customers the opportunity to build a background check or due diligence estimate instantly for our services. 

In just a few quick steps, customers will be able to request more information on background check and due diligence pricing. The tool will build a custom quote based on your needs, to be discussed with our team of experts when you’re ready.

Our new price calculator enables customers to build an estimate based on the level and depth of service they require, as well as the monthly quantity. Best of all, there’s no obligation once the price has been requested, although once you see how competitive our prices are and the quality of the searches, it may be hard to resist.

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How much is a background check?

The price of each check is determined by the exact service required – whether it’s a pre-employment social media background check or enhanced due diligence ahead of an upcoming investment or deal. 

The level and depth of the search is also a factor, and we also take the quantity required per month into account.


Are these prices accurate?

The prices provided by this tool are an estimate for services based on the information you enter. 

We’ll give you an estimated cost per search based on the service required and the quantity you’ll need per month – the final price may differ depending once we know more about your needs.

As always with Neotas services, everything we provide is custom built based on your needs, so once you have your starting price, our team can begin tailoring a package to suit your needs.


How are you able to offer such a comprehensive service for such a low cost?

Our searches use a combination of AI, machine learning and human analysis – meaning we’re able to process a huge amount of data in a relatively short time frame.

While the human analysts will always provide the final context, the automation of the search processes means we’re able to provide hyper accurate results at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.


Why We Launched It

With so many questions surrounding what is a reasonable or typical fee for due diligence and background checking services, we wanted to make the process simpler for customers to understand. 

The tool is simple, easy to use and can provide a baseline for customers to understand competitive pricing within this market. 

Build a no-obligation quote now using our pricing tool here.