Neotas took part in the Trace Labs CTF OSINT competition

Neotas Team Uncover Missing Persons Intelligence in CTF Competition

On Saturday 6th November, a team of Neotas employees joined forces to take part in the Global OSINT Search Party Capture The Flag (CTF) competition, organised by Trace Labs

Over 200 teams competed to uncover actionable intel to assist in real-life missing persons cases, with points scored based on the relevance and importance of the intelligence uncovered.

Against some of the leading OSINT and intelligence minds in the world, our team finished 20th overall out of an ultra-competitive field of 219 teams in total.

Over 7000 pieces of intelligence were uncovered by OSINT specialists during the competition

This edition of the Capture the Flag competition saw a record-breaking amount of intel uncovered by the hundreds of participants involved. The 219 teams contributed 7,989 submissions of new, usable data in just 4 hours. That level of intel is typically discovered in a 6 hour event.

The cases involved in the CTF events are typically “cold” – meaning the investigations are either dormant or that there was very little active information known from the start. All useful information uncovered is handed to the appropriate law enforcement agencies to aid their ongoing investigations. 

The Neotas team are in a rich vein of form in the competition, having finished in the top 20 on the last five occasions in which they’ve competed. Each time they compete, their research not only helps hone their investigative skills but also contributes to an outstanding cause.

We are incredibly proud of the passion and skills displayed by the Neotas team and their ongoing drive to use #OSINTforGood.


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Neotas Enhanced Due Diligence

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