Neotas Selected for ING FinTech Lab

Neotas Selected for ING FinTech Lab

Last month ING ran a series of demo sessions as part of their ING labs Brussels 2020 programme. Neotas has been involved in this initiative from an early stage and were chosen from over 350 companies to take part. We were onboarded at the start of the year along with six other innovative fintech companies. 

The aim of the programme was for ING to work with each of the seven key partners to work out ways that their solutions and technology could help to improve the ING offering. Last month, Neotas, HappySignals Ltd and Workscope were the first to demonstrate their solutions to the rest of ING. 

The project that Neotas were involved with was primarily focused on how we could help ING to improve their staff onboarding. This involved using our advanced background screening procedures to help improve the way candidates were screened before joining ING.  

The products we have available at Neotas represent a clear solution to Tier 1 financial organisations such as ING. Our background screening and EDD checks offer a faster, more accurate way to complete checks and show compliance to regulations such as AML, KYC (Know Your Client) and the SMCR. This makes us the ideal partner for an organisation like ING who have to do thousands of these checks every year. 

This is what Vipul Mishra, our CEO, had to say about Neotas being chosen to be part of this programme: 

 “Our involvement comes at a time when we are expanding our operations globally and will provide us with unrivalled access to the knowledge and networks needed to help us scale faster. Our mission is to make online due diligence readily available to all and in today’s digital era, now is the time to disrupt the market.”

Vipul Mishra, Neotas CEO

We were really excited to be part of the ING labs programme this year and it has helped us to work even more closely with ING to improve our service offering for Tier 1 financial organisations. We’re excited to see what other innovations will come from the next wave of demos from the other Fintech companies we were working alongside. 

If you would like to know more about our investment risk solutions, or how they might be able to help your organisation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our partnerships team.