Avoid the cost of a bad hire with online reputation screening

Avoid the cost of a bad hire with online reputation screening

Over 80% of HR decision-makers admit their organisation has made a bad hire and the cost of a bad hire being anything up to 23 times their starting salary1. Using the full breadth and power of online reputation screening, we help companies make the right hire and open a healthy dialogue with employees about their behaviour online.

What is online reputation screening?

Online reputation screening is a pre-employment background check that scans a candidate’s full digital footprint, including social media background screening. Using publicly available data, we conduct OSINT-powered background checks to reveal the true character and behaviours of a prospective hire beyond a CV or traditional database checks.

What are the do’s and don’ts of online reputation screening?

  • DO apply your social media policy to new hires in the same way you would to current employees but allow for some coaching / deleting of old posts.
  • DON’T run social media checks internally. How many times have you looked at someone’s social media profile before hiring them? This creates the risk of discriminatory bias.
  • DO use an accredited third-party provider that adheres to the relevant screening standards such as POSS from AFODD.
  • DON’T focus solely on the negatives, there should be positive flags included in the process.
  • DO online reputation screening consistently and as part of a structured background screening programme (don’t pick and choose when you screen a candidate).
  • DON’T lose context when reviewing employment related business risks.
  • DO inform the candidate when seeking consent that “open source” checks will be included in the process.
  • DON’T rely on the candidate to tell you where to look as multiple aliases online are very common.
  • DO look for employment related business risks, such as violence, sexism, hate and discriminatory behaviour.
  • DON’T allow any protected characteristics to be shared in your reports.

Ensuring your organisation follows the rules above could lower your employment risks and help you avoid the cost of a bad hire.

We are an accredited provider of online reputation screening and adhere to the POSS standards as laid out by AFODD. We help organisations recruit with confidence and avoid bad hires by flagging employment related business risks. Schedule a call with our team today to discuss your social media screening needs, or build a no-obligation estimate using our pricing tool.

1 Bradford D. Smart, Topgrading

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