Social Media Check

Social Media Check

The demand for the generation of high-quality, scalable, and affordable candidate social media check reports has grown exponentially in organisations performing pre-employment screening checks before hiring for a position.

The Neotas Employee Screening Platforms have been developed to provide social media screening capabilities for its global clients and channel partners to effectively perform social media screening processes. Some of the reasons for the considerable take up of outsourced services are outlined in this article on Social Media Checks.

Internal Social Media Screening by HR teams comes with inherent risks as accessing a candidate’s social media accounts reveals protected characteristics (such as race, sexuality, and political stance). This information is used by internal staff to make hiring decisions and can leave organisations and their HR teams exposed to accusations of unconscious or discriminatory bias.

Whether intentional or not, it’s both illegal and unethical to make hiring decisions based on these characteristics, and allegations of discriminatory bias can be extremely difficult and expensive to refute.

In addition, internal staff are less likely to be trained in data handling and may be less aware of the stringent data protection practices that are mandated across multinational jurisdictions. There are alternatives to avoid the potential exposure of commercial, legal, and reputational damage as a consequence of screening activities.

Using a third-party background screening provider is a well-established approach to avoid these risks provided they are externally audited, regulated by industry standards, and have the required external certification to process sensitive data. The adoption of SaaS Screening Platforms by third-party screening providers and internal screening departments enhances this process and at the same time increases productivity, accuracy, and quality of reports whilst reducing discriminatory risk. This approach is very successful where the challenges of changing methodology and process are recognised and overcome.

Organisations that have adopted the SaaS Screening Platforms quickly identify relevant, role-related risks and produce candidate reports that can be used to make safe hiring decisions. The information contained is unbiased, and comprehensive and demonstrates whether the individual meets the levels of honesty and integrity required.

When Should Social Media Check Be Conducted?

We recommend conducting social media background checks in the following scenarios:

  1. When Hiring and Recruiting New Candidates
  2. When Promoting an Existing Employee to an Executive or Managerial Position
  3. Ongoing Screening to Protect Yourself from Risk or Reputational Damage
  4. During Times of a Merger or Acquisition when Considering Taking on Employees from the Acquired or Merged Company

Why Conduct Social Media Background Check?

There are numerous benefits to including social media background checks as an integral part of your comprehensive employment screening process:

  1. Gain Unique Insight: Discover valuable information about a candidate’s activities and behaviours that may not be readily apparent on a CV or during the interview process.
  2. Efficient Information Retrieval: Quickly scour the Internet for pertinent information, including user-generated content on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc., as well as other publicly available online content.
  3. Objective Information: We provide you with objective data, with personal details redacted, ensuring you avoid any potential liability associated with knowing sensitive information.
  4. Customised to Your Needs: Easily configure background screenings to align with your company’s standards, code of conduct, and employment policies.
  5. Protect Your Business and Employees: Verify a candidate’s history prior to employment to safeguard your business and employees from interacting with unsuitable candidates. This minimises the financial and personnel risks associated with new hires.
  6. Compliance Assurance: Meet your compliance requirements by ensuring you thoroughly vet potential candidates, covering all necessary bases during the screening process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a social media check?

A: A social media check is a process in which employers or organisations review an individual’s online presence on various social media platforms to gather additional information about them.

Q: Why do employers conduct social media checks on job candidates?

A: Employers conduct social media checks to gain insights into a candidate’s character, behavior, and suitability for the job. It helps them assess a candidate’s professionalism, communication skills, and potential red flags.

Q: Are social media checks legal?

A: In most jurisdictions, social media checks are legal as long as they comply with privacy and anti-discrimination laws. However, employers must be cautious not to invade a candidate’s privacy or discriminate based on protected characteristics.

Q: What types of information do employers typically look for during a social media check?

A: Employers may look for posts related to professionalism, communication skills, work ethic, inappropriate behavior, discriminatory language, illegal activities, and alignment with the company’s values.

Q: Is it possible to make my social media profiles private to avoid being checked by employers?

A: Yes, setting your social media profiles to private can limit public access to your content, but employers may still request access if you provide them with your login credentials.

Q: Are there any laws or guidelines that restrict how employers use social media information during the hiring process?

A: Yes, there are privacy laws and guidelines that restrict how employers can use social media information, especially in countries with strict data protection regulations.

Q: Can employers request my social media login credentials for a social media check?

A: In many regions, it is considered unethical and against privacy regulations for employers to request a candidate’s social media login credentials.

Q: Can social media checks be conducted on current employees?

A: Yes, some companies may perform periodic social media checks on their current employees to ensure they maintain a positive and professional online presence.

Q: Do all employers conduct social media checks, or is it more common in certain industries?

A: Not all employers conduct social media checks, but it is becoming more common, especially in industries where a candidate’s online behavior can significantly impact their role within the organisation.

Q: Are there any red flags that employers specifically look for during a social media check?

A: Employers may look for posts that display aggressive behavior, discriminatory language, illegal activities, excessive use of alcohol or drugs, or any content that contradicts the candidate’s qualifications.

Q: How far back do employers typically look on a candidate’s social media history?

A: The timeframe for social media checks varies among employers. Some may only review recent posts, while others might go back several months or years.

Q: Can employers use social media checks as a way to assess a candidate’s cultural fit within the company?

A: Yes, employers may use social media checks to gauge whether a candidate’s values and behavior align with the company culture and values.

Q: What should I do if I find inappropriate or false information about myself during a social media check?

A: If you discover inaccurate or harmful information about yourself during a social media check, you should address it by contacting the social media platform to remove or correct the content.

Q: Can a social media check impact my chances of promotion within a company?

A: Yes, a social media check could potentially impact your chances of promotion, especially if the content found raises concerns about your professionalism or suitability for a higher position.

Q: Should I disclose my social media handles to employers during the application process?

It is not necessary to proactively disclose your social media handles during the application process. However, if an employer specifically asks for them, you may need to provide the information.

Q: Can social media checks be conducted internationally if the job candidate is from another country?

Yes, employers may conduct social media checks on international candidates, but they must still comply with relevant privacy laws and regulations in both their country and the candidate’s country.

Q. What is a social media check?

A social media check involves reviewing an individual’s online presence on various social media platforms to gather insights about their activities, behavior, and public image.

Q. What is a social media background check?

A social media background check is a comprehensive review of an individual’s online presence on social media platforms to assess their suitability for employment or other professional opportunities.

Q. How are social media checks conducted?

Social media checks are typically performed by searching for a person’s profiles on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., and examining their public posts and interactions.

Q. What is a social media background check in the UK?

A social media background check in the UK involves examining an individual’s online presence on various social media platforms to assess their suitability for employment or other professional purposes within the United Kingdom.

Q. Are social media checks conducted for school staff?

Yes, social media checks may be conducted for school staff as part of the hiring process to ensure the safety and suitability of candidates working in an educational environment.


Neotas Social Media Background Checks and Social Media Screening

At Neotas, We understand the importance of conducting thorough and compliant Social Media Screening Checks, and our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that the process is safe and reliable. Receive accurate and up-to-date information while complying with all relevant regulations, including GDPR and FCRA. Our advanced OSINT technology and human intelligence allow us to uncover valuable insights that traditional checks may miss.

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We highlight behavioural risks identified across social media profiles and the wider internet. Neotas supplements the background screening process. Learn more about how we can help you conduct social media screening and background checks in a safe and compliant manner.

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