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As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance, its integration into various aspects of our lives becomes increasingly apparent. One area that has created considerable interest is the use of AI-based social media checks. While these AI based systems may promise enhanced security, efficiency, and decision-making, they also come with potential dangers that affect our privacy, personal freedom, and our employment prospects. In this article, we explore why it is crucial to have human intervention in the process to strike a balance between AI based technological advancements and safeguarding individual rights.

Invasion of Privacy

AI-based social media checks rely on increasingly sophisticated algorithms that analyse individuals’ online activities, posts, and interactions. While the intention may be to identify potential threats to an employer, (or other parties such as an investor,) the process can involve the collection of personal sensitive data albeit with consent. Gathering of information must be done without invading an individual’s privacy in a fair and responsible manner.

To protect innocent individuals from becoming unjustly identified as potentially poor employees due to false positives or misinterpretations of their online behaviour we cannot leave this to technology alone. Governments around the world continue to introduce incremental safeguarding legislation to further protect against this. Otherwise unwarranted damage may impact on an individual’s professional reputation and employment prospects through the use of only AI based technology.

The optimal use of AI will ensure that every check is assessed by a trained analyst and also QA checked by a suitably experienced person. Not only does this adhere to legislation but also gives confidence to employers using the service.

Amplification of Biases

AI algorithms are trained on large datasets, which may inadvertently highlight information that the algorithm has been designed to discover but which do not present a problem to an employer. As a result, these biases can be amplified when utilized in AI based social media checks without human intervention, leading to discriminatory actions against specific groups or an individual.

For example, without human intervention, protected characteristics such as racial, religious, or political interests might be adversely identified in the process, perpetuating poor employment prospects for those whose sensitive personal information has been exposed. It is therefore important for anyone using such checks in an employment situation to ensure the results are reviewed by an experienced analyst. An HR department should not undertake this task because once a person has seen the protected characteristic, they can’t unsee it and therefore leave themselves exposed to cries of discrimination by an interviewee.

The production of AI-based social media checks without the intervention of a trained analyst can have far-reaching consequences on an individuals’ access to employment. Experienced human intervention is necessary to ensure protected characteristics are removed from any report or information passed to those making hiring decisions. Experienced analysts continue to develop their skill in these matters to balance technological progress and provide a more equitable future for employers and employees.

Free Speech and Individuality

Social media has become a vital platform for expression and free speech in the modern age. It is also a medium used by many to spread disinformation, perpetuate crime and spread falsehoods. AI-based social media checks are a useful tool to protect employers from hiring an individual practising inappropriate social disruption. It is fundamental that reports are curated by a human to identify individuals that pose a threat to an organisation without undermining the principles of free speech and social engagement.

Without human intervention AI technology can have unintended consequences.

Fostering Trust

When a trained analyst curates the results of AI-based social media checks it introduces a level of scrutiny that makes it possible for employers to have trust in the outcome. This balanced use of technology enhances the positive aspects of social media, such as freedom of expression, connecting with friends, staying informed, and participating in community discussions without the dangers of machine made decisions on their own.

A compliant organisation providing screening services should be FCRA compliant and GDPR certified to ISO27701 or equivalent. The supplier of social media checks should confirm that all social media reports are checked by a trained analyst to remove protected characteristics and protect your organisation from unwanted legal action.


As we move forward in an increasingly interconnected world, it is essential to strike a balance between leveraging the speed and efficiencey benefits of AI and safeguarding individual rights.

It is clear that AI will continue to develop enhanced capabilities in discovery and reporting functions. Interpretation and consideration  of this information necessarily requires the intervention of highly skilled individuals. This combination of technology and experience is a fundamental requirement in the production of screening services.

AI-based social media checks present many positive opportunities for employers that must not be overlooked. The invasion of privacy, amplification of biases, and safeguarding against the use of protected characteristics are critical issues that demand the attention of a trained analyst in the process.

It is clear that AI will continue to develop enhanced capabilities in discovery and reporting functions. Interpretation and consideration of this information necessarily requires the intervention of highly skilled individuals. This combination of technology and experience is a fundamental requirement in the production of screening services. For a technologically responsible future the blend  of technology and experience is a fundamental requirement in the production of screening services.

Neotas’ Social Media Screening goes beyond the surface, delving deep into a candidate’s or employee’s digital footprint to provide comprehensive insights. By harnessing the latest OSINT technology and expert analysis, Neotas can uncover valuable information that traditional background checks might miss, ensuring a more holistic evaluation of individuals.

With this service, employers can make well-informed decisions, safeguarding their organizations from potential reputational risks, security breaches, or any other concerns that could arise from an employee’s online activities. By proactively screening social media accounts, Neotas enables businesses to maintain a safe and secure working environment while protecting their brand integrity.


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